Tibetan Healing Practices Retreat with Betty

Wilmington • Sep 22 - 24 2023

Tibetan Healing Weekend with Betty Riaz and Friends

Step into a world of profound healing and rejuvenation as you join Betty Riaz and friends for a transformative weekend centered around the ancient Tibetan healing traditions.

Our weekend will commence with the revered Khenpo Migmar, where we will be blessed with the empowering Medicine Buddha mantra. As we immerse ourselves in the 108 vibrations of this sacred mantra, we will awaken our innate healing abilities and invite positive energy into every aspect of our being.

Each morning, we will engage in the Medicine Buddha mantra and Nejang breathing techniques. These powerful practices, promote the circulation of vital energy, and are known to cleanse the subtle channels within our bodies.

Our days will be filled with interactive and experiential activities designed to deepen our understanding and application of Tibetan healing principles. Together, we will explore the foundations of Tibetan Healing Constitutions, a profound system that recognizes the unique interplay between our individual constitution, lifestyle, and environment. Additionally, we will have the opportunity to immerse ourselves in a daily Nejang practice; which purify and rejuvenate the physical, mental, and energetic layers of our being.

Nourishing our bodies with healing foods is an integral part of maintaining a healthy body. Throughout the weekend, we will engage in the art of making ghee and kitchari, using wholesome ingredients and learning to make your own base indian cleansing porridge.

We will also explore the creation of Tibetan herbal packets, (Horme) infusing them with the transformative power of traditional medicinal herbs.

Nestled amidst the breathtaking Green Mountains of Southern Vt, we will have ample opportunities to connect with the earth's healing energies, rejuvenate our senses, and find time to heal.

Recommended Reading:  The Tibetan Book of Health

Where will this take placeFluid Retreat House in Wilmington VT 

Who may attend? All are welcome to join this retreat.  

Room Options

All prices are per person.

Shared room: $725

If you are interested in more privacy we recommend the Horizon Inn located just 3 miles from the house.  

Address861 VT-9, Wilmington, VT 05363

Phone(802) 275-8372

What's Included

  • Breakfast Daily
  • Shared Rooms Accommodations
  • All teachings, take home guides and curriculum

What's Not Included

Dinner on Saturday Night is not included.  

We will arrange an optional group dinner out for those interesting in participating.


It's approximately 2.5hours from Boston to Wilmington VT. If you need help coordinating a ride or would like to offer to drive a carpool please let us know.

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