Upcoming Events

Bhutan with Kevan, Betty & Jamie

Dates: 3/4/2024 to 3/12/2024

Spiritual Immersion in the Kingdom of Bhutan

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Winter Workshop: Cultivate the Light Within

Dates: Saturday, March 09, 2024
Location: Stil Pearl

Connect to the wisdom of the natural worldwe can experience the darkercolder days of Winter with balance and harmony in our mind and bodyThe season invites us to slow downbring our attention inward and cultivate our inner light and fireOur bodies benefit from balance between grounding and stimulating practices. In this workshopwe'll build heatactivate the flow of energyreflect and rest

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SPA Yoga® Vermont Retreat + Teacher Training with Betty

Dates: 4/26/2024 to 4/28/2024

SPA Yoga® Vermont Retreat + Teacher Training

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Masters Series Retreat: Teachings of Tilopa with Kevan

Dates: 5/16/2024 to 5/19/2024

The teachings of Tilopa

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Sacred Sounds and Spa in Vermont with Betty, Jen and Sarah

Dates: 6/27/2024 to 6/30/2024

Sacred Sounds and Spa Retreat

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Marrakech Morocco with Kevan & Jamie

Dates: 10/5/2024 to 10/11/2024

Experience the magic of Marrakech, Morocco

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BELIZE BEACH Winter Getaway with Kevan & Betty

Dates: 1/16/2025 to 1/21/2025

BELIZE JUNGLE+BEACH Getaway with Kevan+Betty

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Sacred Sites of India with Betty and Sarah and Shantum Seth

Dates: 2/18/2025 to 2/28/2025

Explore beautiful India and Sacred Sites

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