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When we align our body with the rhythm of nature, we flow through the seasons of life in good physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Through the healing traditions of yoga, ayurveda and herbalism, we can support our body, build vitality, and maintain balance at any time of year or phase of life. In this workshop, we'll learn about and experience wellness practices to welcome and live in harmony during the Fall season.

Learn about the doshas, qualities of the season, and how to find balance Practice yoga and breathing that follows the pulse of nature and our body Participate in herbal tea ceremony and learn about plant properties Leave with simple, nutritional, ayurvedic recipes

About your facilitators 

TANYA TANARO is a certified yoga instructor, herbalist and aromatherapist. She believes that developing a relationship with the natural world can have a lasting impact on our mind, body, and the stewardship of our planet. Tanya founded Rustic Heart Apothecary, an herbal business that focuses on connecting people with the healing wisdom of nature.

REBECCA DONATO, Executive Director at Vitalize 360, a national well-being coaching platform for Hebrew SeniorLife, Ayurvedic Health Counselor and Self-Discovery Coach. Rebecca uses her intuition, knowledge and personal experience with Ayurveda, Yogic philosophy and Positive Psychology to support her clients with developing personal self-care strategies anchored in self-exploration and self-

Tanya Tanaro

Tanya is a yoga teacher, herbalist, and aromatherapist.

Tanya’s yoga practice started as a simple exploration of physical postures, and over-time opened the door to a more balanced, mindful, and health conscious lifestyle. Through yoga and other physical, emotional and natural healing practices, Tanya found remission from an auto-immune disease, mended her relationship with alcohol, and cultivated a deeper mind, body and spiritual connection. Through slow, intentional steps and commitment, she believes everyone can access their own form of healing, break down barriers of judgment about self and others, maneuver through difficult experiences, and live in a loving way. 

Tanya strives to create a safe space for her yoga students to discover the everlasting benefits of their own practice, and connect to their body and breath. She encourages students to listen to their body, and make mindful choices to push their edge, focus on ease of movement, or access relaxation. She leads eclectic flow classes, accompanied by pranayama (breath) exercises and guided meditation.

When Tanya is not practicing yoga, she is harvesting herbs and formulating medicinal remedies, such as teas, tinctures, salves, and oils for health and wellness. She believes that we can inspire universal change by cultivating love for self, others, and the natural world.

Tanya holds a RYT 500 level certification with the Yoga Alliance, Level 2 Aromatherapy certification through the Eclectic Institute for Aromatherapy, and completed a second level herbal apprenticeship through the Boston School of Herbal Studies.